The value created by Risk Advisory for organisations is a synonym for operation excellence. We maximise performance of internal business operations by identifying, forecasting, solving and mitigating immediate threats and obstacles while increasing the value of the operations.

Risk Advisory - Cyber Security Consultant

As a Consultant you will:

• Work on IT security analyses, examine vulnerabilities and cyber threats for our clients
• Work on projects for the largest Czech and multinational companies in many business fields
• Design and introduce procedural and technical security measures
• Create studies on cyber security
• Support the audit function and other colleagues from different professions with your expert knowledge in the area of security

A suitable candidate for this position should:

• Be deeply interested in cyber security and follow new trends
• Be willing and motivated to expand his/her education and learn new things
• Be able to work independently and on several projects at once in a fast changing environment
• Demonstrate strong communication skills
• Have a good grasp of topics across IT
• Be a university graduate
• Speak fluent Czech/Slovak and English

As a Consultant at Deloitte you will gain:

• Opportunity to work for a leading consultancy company in the area of IT security
• Possibility to develop your abilities and skills through work on very diverse projects in the Czech Republic and abroad
• Insight into what cyber security means and how it is done at the largest companies
• Place in a team with a friendly, motivating and supportive atmosphere
• Support in managerial and expert development (mentoring, participation in conferences, specialised training, certifications)
• Varied benefit offer including the Cafeteria system, meal vouchers, 5 weeks of vacation, sick days, possibility to work from home, etc.


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