Salesforce Junior Consultant- Analyst

As a Salesforce consultant you will:

  • Design or help implement Salesforce.com solutions for a variety of clients
  • Integrate the Salesforce.com platform to other systems and platforms
  • Develop knowledge of cloud technologies and other IT solutions
  • Work on international projects across Europe and beyond (includes travelling)

The right candidate for this position should:

  • Be a student in his final year or a recent graduate of a field of study focused on information technology, or at least demonstrate an interest in this area
  • Be passionate about IT
  • Have relevant work experience (e.g. part-time jobs, volunteering etc. in the industry)
  • Master programming languages (e.g. VBA, .NET, Java etc.)
  • Have basic knowledge of infrastructure and databases (e.g. MS Windows, Linux/UNIX, SQL etc.)
  • Have a communicative command of the English language

As a Salesforce consultant you will gain:

  • An opportunity to develop your analytical, communication and leadership skills through various projects and thus achieve your full potential
  • An opportunity for quick development and skill acquisition (we have prepared a development and fast growth plan for every candidate)
  • Access to possibilities to obtain certifications and training to accelerate the development of new skills and abilities
  • An opportunity to participate in local and international projects


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